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spiral stairs

Wooden spiral stairs

The popularity of spiral stairs has been growing lately. It comes as no surprise, though: people have become increasingly aware of the benefits of spiral stairs. In addition, more and more people settle in small houses, which requires smart decisions. Those decisions are precisely what can be implemented by choosing spiral stairs. By the way, it is important to emphasize that the stairs of this form are very often confused with the curved stairs. However, more attentive customers easily notice that spiral stairs and curved stairs are two different products.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of spiral stairs? This information must be known to every buyer. If you are one of those who cannot boast of great knowledge about the spiral stairs, it’s time to correct this error.

woonden spiral stairs installation services in Australia, Sydney
woonden spiral stairs installation services in Australia, Sydney
woonden spiral stairs installation services in Australia, Sydney

spiral stairs intallation services

Advantages of spiral stairs

  • The most compact solution
    It is especially important for people living in small spaces or office employees to save as much space as possible. This issue is even more relevant where a staircase has to be built. However, saving a lot of space and having a staircase at the same time is possible. All you have to do is just make the right decisions. Spiral stairs can surely qualify as the most compact staircase.
  • Decorative option
    Although the decoration of the stairs is influenced by many different factors, it is necessary to emphasize that the concept of a spiral staircase is such that the product itself, despite other details, already looks decorative. Thus, if you want only the most decorative solutions, you already know what to choose.
  • Variety of choice
    Usually, customers want to be able to choose from a big variety of products. When it comes to spiral stairs, it is easy to see that they make a great choice for lots of customers. There are a lot of options for construction of axis and laying of steps, so you’ will need to think well before choosing the best option for you.
  • Simple installation
    Stairs of this type are usually very popular because their installation is much simpler than that of other types of stairs. By the way, this condition also means that the installation of spiral stairs takes less time, causes less inconvenience, and, in most cases, is less expensive.

The only disadvantage of spiral stairs could only be the fact that the circular movement on the stairs. Such a staircase may not be a good choice for the elderly, and in cases where parcels or furniture are to be transported using the stairs.

woonden spiral stairs installation services in Australia, Sydney