L shaped stairs - perfect for any interior

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L shaped stairs

Wooden L shaped stairs

L shaped stairs is one of the most popular types of stairs. However, you will only decide whether these stairs are suitable for your premises, after you get to know all their features.

Advantages of L shaped stairs

You can use a landing for various purposes.
An L shaped staircase cannot be built without a landing. The size of a landing depends on you, but it will require some extra space in any case. You can use it for a variety of purposes, from a cosy space to reading books to a place where you can exhibit interior elements.

Safer choice than straight stairs
If we compare L shaped stairs with straight stairs, we will see that the former is much safer than the latter. This is because L shaped stairs has a landing. Since it divides the stairs into several parts, in case of an accident it would mean that you would not fall from the maximum height.

L shaped stairs
L shaped stairs
L shaped stairs

L shaped stairs intallation services

Perfect for interior of any size and style

It is worth mentioning another feature of the L shaped stairs. They are perfect for any size and style of the interior. In other words, the stairs of this shape are always a safe choice. There is only one piece of advice: if you have the opportunity, be sure to place the L shaped staircase in the corner.

This is the most convenient, visibly enjoyable and best solution.
So, if you want a staircase that has many great advantages, then you only have to conclude that the L shaped stairs are the best choice.

However, one should not forget that L shaped stairs also has one feature that sometimes comes as a disadvantage: installation of L shaped stairs is complicated. Having said this it remains to be added that installation of L shaped stair stairs is more expensive and takes longer than, for example, installation of straight stairs.

Summing up all the qualities of L shaped stairs, one can distinguish cases where the L shaped staircase is an excellent choice. They are worth choosing if:

  •  You want stairs that provide extra space and can be used for various purposes;
  •  You want to ensure security;
  •  You are after versatility;
  •  You are ready to pay more for installation services;
  •  You are happy to accept that the installation of L shaped stairs takes longer than the installation of other types of stairs.

l shaped stairs