Herringbone parquet

Herringbone parquetry. Those who like parquet with herringbone patterns have several options to choose from: traditional, double or triple herringbone. Double or triple herringbone parquet not only looks as decorative and stylish as a traditional herringbone, but also adds dignity, glamour and enlarges the space.

Double or triple parquet pattern has an old and fascinating story. It goes back all the way to 1539, when the French king Francois I decided to add a touch of exceptional luxury and glamour to his palace and hired parquet masters from Italy to ensure that parquet planks are properly assembled.

How to install double or triple herringbone parquet?

Assembling of double or triple herringbone patterns requires a little different knowledge and effort. So, if you want to see double or triple herringbone parquet in your home or office, you first have to ask yourself if you will be able to do it properly. If you do not have the knowledge or skills the risk of failure is rather high, as the double or triple herringbone pattern will not look as good as it could. In case of lack of knowledge, it is best to find professionals who will guarantee the quality of the process. Although double or triple herringbone parquet looks more decorative and respectable, there is one property that is shared by all three herringbone patterns (including traditional herringbone): deformation of the planks will take place in different directions, so it will be less noticeable.

Today double or triple herringbone parquetry patterns are considered to be classical choices and are especially popular all over Europe. Planks attached at a certain angle make up a nice and unusual V shape.
The advantages of double or triple herringbone parquetry flooring and the cases when it is worthwhile to choose:

  • when you want a classic, respectable look;
  • excellent choice for both residential and commercial premises;
  • in spaces of any style (modern, classical, Scandinavian, etc.);
  • you will get to enjoy all the properties of the parquet: ecology, naturalness, safety, long service life, etc.

How to maintain it?

Herringbone parquetry. As in any other case, this parquet also requires proper maintenance. Double or triple herringbone parquet requires the same care as mosaic or Versailles style parquet (it needs to be protected from excess water, washed preferably with cold water or special substances, a proper moisture level should be maintained, etc.).